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[[Current Project: Death Match [[Info: A death match with a twist [[Animators: TimtheHue (Me) & Thundashock [[Sneak peak date: Never [[Release date: 4-5 weeks from now [[P.S. More animators wanted, contact me (PM) for more information

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Posted by TimtheHue - January 4th, 2009

Well, i'm retiring this account, cuz it's so underused and my hotmail is different, i have another account and will be submitting my flash there, but i won't have any projects anytime soon!
Wish me luck, i'm bout to take on my first official real major holy crap project!

sorry couldn't provide a picture!

Posted by TimtheHue - May 14th, 2008

Well, you might not know this, none of you will (except the people involved with the collab itself) but i am a part of the blob collab 8.5.
I have currently been involved with secret animations to be let out to the public (newgrounds) some time later this year. I have been working ferociously on a particular fbf (well all my animations are fbf) but this one is absolutely stunning!!! I have worked on my first part for the Blob Collab 8.5 and invite any of you willing to create 3-15 second fbf animation involving a blob!!!
To get more information on this collab go to forums, flash and scroll down until you see Blob Collab 8.5, if you cannot find it, PM me and i will give you the direct link to the thread!!!

That's all for the blob collab,

Now onto other issues:

I will have a VOTE for what the users of NEWGROUNDS want to see,
i have 10 topics:

-Music Videos
-Skating videos
-Stick figures
-One of my old flash (example: like the C-ION movie i promised) to be completed and put on newgrounds
-Charlie episodes
-More artsy fbf
-Your choice of topic here
-Your choice of topic here
-Your choice of topic here

i will collect all votes
Poll ends 15th June

2. Here's a sneak peak of the project i have been so ferociously working on (well i stopped like 4 weeks ago, it has 16 seconds on it already and is 24 fps, so 24x16=384 frames)
I hope you like the picture (although, with newgrounds limitations it doesn't look too well!!!
I made an amazing menu, it looks great, has three different songs to listen to and an extras button too, that will possibly have a preview or small animation added into it, so have a vote

-Preview (Choice of the amazing looking series Drescar or The C-ION trailer which can already be seen on newgrounds, or maybe a mystery preview, so vote for Drescar, C-ION or Mystery preview)
-Small animation




Blob collab 8.5

Posted by TimtheHue - April 19th, 2008

Well as for the ones who have visited my userpage last you may have noticed i now have changed my userpage look furthe; I now have my updates on my current projects to left, under my user image,
my current releases and news will be posted here

Other than that i wanted to know if anybody would like to make a collab with me, the basic stick figure:

[[Information you need to know: Stick figure fight, no nudity, some swearing allowed, lot's of violence wanted!! [[Strings: You must have good experience at animation; so i don't wnat crap animators spamming my email address with all this stupid animation, so what i mean is i want experienced animators, doesn't matter if you're not the best, this is purely to (let's say) advertise your abilities!!! FRAME SIZE: 550width 400height
FRAME RATE: 15fps, so if you're good with stick fights or good with that frame rate, then sign on up and email me at CharlieHewitt@hotmail.com

Thanks for reading
-CharlieNew userpage look and animators wanted

New userpage look and animators wanted

Posted by TimtheHue - March 31st, 2008

Don't worry, i HAVE had permission do do a bit of eddsworld animation and stuff, so you don't have to go running to edd complaining "OH edd oh edd, TimtheHue has copied your oh so mighty flash animation, i will stand here and suck up to you, OH EDD!"
Yes anyways, My brother has been hacking into my account somehow and saying thing he shouldn't even know about, so if you want to complain about ME, then truly complain about Tom (my bro's name)!!
Unless of course you're complaining about my animation then get bent!!!
No seriously, i like to have a little constructive critisism thrown my way!
And YES there IS a DIFFERENCE between cronstructive critisism and harrassment, so don't get the two mixed up!!!
anyway, here's another preview tih more coming your way soon....
(or should i say in about five seconds?)

-Charlie out!!!

Eddsworld collides